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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
@ 2:55 AM

Yay competition's over. :)
Gold. :D

Thank you everyone who contributed in one way or another. :)
Esp. parents, coach, skaters who inspired me, skaters before the program, Beat, Kenny and Ilena!:DHEEEE.
So tmr will be the first lesson aft competition, oh yeah. FS2.Finally we're moving.
I need new boots and a new bag, FML.If I get it in SG, it'll be 670+?
But if i get it online, it'll be 500+ exclu. tax, inclu. shipping.
Walau shd have bought online a longlonglong time ago :( MEH
OHOHOH and ZUCA bags are OMFGWTF cool :)
Can't decide between these:




Why all so nice :( If I'm not wrong someone at the rink alr has Calypso! :( the colour is mad nice lah. But so is the other two. FML.
Someone help me choose! :(

Thank you, I, for helping me correctly express emotions of hurt and sadness. Of a loved one leaving me. That might have been what got me my gold :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010
Starting Afresh . @ 6:39 AM

I deleted all the posts .
The same way I deleted you from my mind .
Thanks , for everything .
Just so you know , all my 'i love you's and 'i miss you's and hugs and kisses , i meant everyone of them . Its just sad that you didn't . Thanks for using me , bastard . _|_ (:

HAHAHA . guys are just bastards :P
whoops . SO YEAH , FUCK GUYS .

Sya , aren't you glad you're featured in my first post ? :P HAHHA .
thanks babe for everything , during that hard time . THANK YOU BABE . I love you ttm , and I really treasure our friendship . Thanks for not giving up on me . (':
Kashib , though I doubt you'd see this , thanks for everything . For telling me that I'm so much better , for telling me its my loss , for telling me that I deserve better, etc . Thanks man . I love you , not in that way wait (name) kill me , as a friend (: haha . Thanks again .

thanks for everyone else who were there . Lynette , Venus , Nadiah , Stephanie , etcetc . thank you all . (':

Holidays , let's start afresh shall we ? (:
For a start , FUCK YEAH CANON EOS 550D ! :D WHOOOOOO .

isn't it pweeety ? (: hahaha . :P
and also
Sya ;D

Thanks daddy . (: ily .

To Venus :
I didn't manage to give you the card . Keep forgetting ): hahaha.
ARGH . Thanks anyway , for everything . I love you babe , I hope he doesn't see this .
hahah . Thanks and you MUST come back to visit kay ? then you must buy food for me to steal ! :D ahaha . I'm learning from you ex-PAEDO . :P maybe one day I'll also find a HCI (forgive me if wrong) guy who is nice too ! (: hahah . :P I'll miss you loads , IMYA . D: so you must come back to see your protege okay ? (: Love you loads . (: <3

That should be all for today . Goodnight dearies (:

You make everyth seem okay ..